Crescent City Cat Sitters

The idea for Crescent City Cat Sitters came about during my time working as a cat-sitter for an amazing cat-sitting company in Nashville, Music City Cats.  I loved being a cat-sitter, and it made me happy to become friends with the cats of Nashville.  However, I was moving back to New Orleans, and realized I’d have to leave behind all the cats I’d met and experience I’d gained.  Unless…

I debated applying to be a sitter with a few New Orleans all around pet-sitting companies, but my passion was cats.  I was a true cat person, and most other pet-sitters I found seemed to be focused on dogs.  Yes, people can love both cats and dogs equally, but I knew my strength was of the feline kind.  I was more connected with cat behavior and familiar with their habits.  The best dog walkers might not make the best cat sitters, and vice versa. 

When I told people I was a cat-sitter, some would say, “But don’t cats like to do their own thing..?”  In a way, yes.  But cats are more social than people may think.  Most cats I visited were still rubbing on me like crazy for pets as I left.  And the shy ones only needed a little time and patience to emerge and say hello 🙂

Crescent City Cat Sitters allows your cat to stay comfortable in their own space while you’re away, which keeps their stress level down and makes everything easier.

About Me

Hi, my name is Miranda! I’ve been around cats my whole life, and I love it!  I'm originally from a small town in Indiana, where I grew up with many outdoor cats coming and going from our porch at all times.  We usually had a few new litters every summer. (Now I know the importance of TNR!)

I attended college at Ball State in Muncie, Indiana. After graduation, I moved to New Orleans, where I lived for a year and a half before moving to Atlanta, and then Nashville.  During this time I volunteered with the Louisiana SPCA, helped to feed a cat colony, and traveled to CatCon in Los Angeles (totally worth it!).  The first cat café I went to was Java Cats in Atlanta, and I’ve made it my mission to visit as many as I can!

Now I’m back in New Orleans to stay, and I just adopted a kitten from the Louisiana SPCA, a lynx-point siamese named Kosmo! He's full of energy and I already have way too many pictures of him 🙂